Golden by ABY is crafted to be durable and high in quality; however, it is always important to treat any jewellery with a little extra care. We recommend removing your jewellery when bathing or applying lotions and perfumes. Also, to remove them when you hit the gym / lift heavy objects as these activities may scratch and bend your rings. Your pieces should also be the last thing you put on when getting dressed.

To keep your jewellery looking as fresh as possible we recommend store the piece safely inside the ABY Jewellery box / pouch. Store each piece individually to avoid scratching. These pouches are also great to carry your pieces around for travels. You may apply these care tips to caring for any other plated or vermeil jewellery that you own. This enables you enjoy them for much longer!


As all pieces crafted under Heirloom by ABY are solid gold, you may enjoy them daily without removing them. To extend the life of your pieces, remove them while using harsh chemicals, lotions, beauty products, and perfumes. Do not wear when at the gym and while lifting heavy weights / other objects as this will scratch and bend your gold piece (this especially applies to rings). We also recommend removing them in extreme heat and humidity (saunas, using an oven etc - as gold conducts heat and may get hot on your skin), and if you are regularly swimming in chlorine water.

Clean your Heirloom by ABY pieces with a soft bristle toothbrush and a small amount of diluted dish soap only when you feel that they need a good clean. Scrub gently under warm water. Let your pieces air dry in a safe place. Or what I always do is to simply shower with them on. You may apply these good habits to care for your other fine jewellery as well (eg.engagement rings or wedding bands). So you may pass them down through the generations in pristine condition!

Please note that all of our jewellery is hand-crafted using quality metals and natural gemstones, this means that your jewellery could host minor marks, irregular shapes and inclusions. Because all of our stones are natural products, they are unique and may differ slightly from stone to stone. This could result in the jewellery that you receive differing slightly in colour to the jewellery is featured on our site. Screen displays will vary slightly from screen to screen which potentially could result in slight colour variations to what is displayed on screen and in real life. We will not accept returns or exchanges due to the natural marks, inclusions or slight colour differences within our jewellery.

ABY Jewellery is dedicated to customer service and ensuring a high level satisfaction. If you have more questions regarding our return and exchanges policy please feel free to contact us directly here.