A letter from our founder,

Ever since I was young and curious, I already knew that I had a passion for music andcreating. You would find me in my room either singing, drawing or making little beaded accessories. Being of Chinese ethnicity in a vibrant and multi-racial city of Singapore, I am constantly surrounded by locals and travellers from around the globe wearing beautiful jewellery of different of cultures. This environment greatly influenced my style through the growing up years.

Some of my fondest memories, of when I was little, are the ones where my mother would go through her jewellery box with me. They were full of unique shapes, mesmerising gemstones and stories. Some pieces were gifted to her by my father (& he had great taste), some were passed down by my grandmother and many were lovingly collected on her own as a hobby - locally and wherever she travelled!

My mother and I continue to bond through our common love for these treasured items till this day. I will always remember the feeling of when I received my first pair of earrings from her. And today, one of my greatest joys is gifting my friends and loved ones jewellery - and seeing them wear it! My love for jewellery then lead me to pursue a Diploma in Precious Metals Arts which included the study of gemstones and the traditional hands on metal-smithing crafting methods.

Enter *ABY Jewellery

Now a certified jeweller, understanding the fundamentals and the workings of Precious Metals and Gemstones gives me the confidence to create a space that ensures quality jewellery for modern individuals from all walks of life. My designs aim to reflect a mix of the vintage aesthetic with the “classic-timeless” approach in everyday fashion - making them very wearable. But I also enjoy being a little extra when the occasion calls for. Hence, the vision is to create effortless elevated jewellery that celebrates and lasts with you through the different seasons of life - whatever it may call for.

From my heart, I truly hope that the people who wear ABY jewellery will find it to be an added joy to their day as soon as they put them on. May you, whom are reading this, always believe that you are beautiful as you are. And that you, deserve all the beautiful things life has to offer.

Wishing you Golden days ahead.

Love, Abbey


All pieces from “Golden by ABY” are heavily plated in thick 18K gold (3 microns). They are crafted with quality materials for long-lasting durability and for that beautiful appearance of an 18k solid gold finish - without breaking your bank. Each piece is carefully plated and finished in France by industry professionals. A hallmark stamp is marked on each Golden by ABY piece for ensured quality. Every piece of jewellery is also anti-tarnish and hypoallergenic, making it suitable for everyone! Everything within the collections are created to look great together. So feel free to mix, match or stack; according to what YOU desire.

Responsibly manufactured

Our manufacturer is certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council. This means that all our manufacturing is assured to be ethical, with safe and fair working environments.

Fun Fact: Why 3 microns? Usually, what constitutes a good and sturdy piece of plated jewellery (that is a common standard found out there) are plated in 1 - 2.5 microns - aka “thickness”. Those can last you a good 1-3 years for daily wear IF you care for them well and store them diligently in their individual pouches/boxes. After trying and testing the wear of several pieces of different plating thickness over a couple years, I have concluded that 3 microns plating wears the best and have the most luxurious finish, at a good price for its value.

All pieces from “Heirloom by ABY” are all hand drawn designs brought to life on a humble workbench here in Singapore. They are handcrafted with only the use of solid gold; made to last through the generations. The value of solid gold is universally timeless! Each piece is hand crafted with mostly 18k solid gold and some with 14k solid gold - depending on the design. Specifications will be listed in the description section of each item listed. All precious and semi-precious stones are natural, ethically sourced and hand picked by the founder - with mindfulness and love!

Fun fact: You may find that our founder loves to work with Jade gemstones. This precious stone is one that is very treasured in her asian community growing up. Known for their beautiful natural characteristics and meanings, each stone is unique and alive, just like each of us. Today, jade is gaining popularity and recognition worldwide. Even her favourite Artistes like Rihanna, Michelle Yeoh and Bretman Rock are also regularly seen to be rocking this beautiful gemstone in different shapes and colours.